Folk remedies for psoriasis: the most effective recipes and their description

Treatment of psoriasis is carried out using a complex effect, consisting of several directions. Folk remedies for psoriasis are one of the possible vectors of therapy designed to reduce the intensity of manifestations and help in eliminating the general symptoms of the disease.

folk remedies for psoriasis

What are the best remedies for psoriasis treatment?

Psoriasis is a special type of non-infectious disease that is autoimmune in nature and is accompanied by inflammatory tissue damage. Its development is provoked by a special gene, which is innate and transmitted from parents. Based on this, the manifestations of the disease can be attributed to a kind of genetic mutations, which are accompanied by the development of inflammation and deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations.

medications for psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis is based on the use of an integrated approach, led by the use of medications. In this case, the appointment of all other areas is to increase the effectiveness and increase the duration of the main treatment.

To date, there is no specific drug for suppressing the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, the treatment of each specific case is carried out individually on the basis of the available signs, their intensity, the degree of development and the general condition of the patient's body.

Basically, to suppress the manifestations of the disease, drugs are used that have a toxic effect on the elements of the rash. Also, the complex therapy may include corticosteroids, immunomodulators, anti-inflammatory drugs and much more.

Often, to improve the effectiveness of treatment, doctors use alternative medicine techniques. At the same time, it is not possible to answer the question which of them are the best due to the individuality of each specific case and the characteristics of the human body.

herbs for psoriasis

Folk remedies are the most extensive of all the directions used in the presence of signs of psoriasis. At the same time, various means are used to treat a disease that has affected various parts of the body.

They can be conditionally divided into three large groups, which look like this:

  • for the body and other smooth areas of the body;
  • for the head and scalp;
  • for hands, elbows and feet.

Each of these categories contains a huge number of recipes and techniques that have been compiled by people since time immemorial. Some of them are really capable of bringing relief, while others show absolutely no positive dynamics.

The most effective folk recipes for eliminating the manifestations of psoriasis on the body

Signs of psoriasis can develop anywhere on the body. However, most often they affect the abdomen, back and thighs, occupying large areas of the skin. The rash itself can have a variety of forms and is characterized by a change in the pigmentation of the affected areas. In addition, as a result of the increase in the upper epithelial layer, the structure of the tissues changes and their overdrying occurs. As a result, the skin begins to flake and peel off, causing discomfort and leaving behind age spots.

Traditional medicine has at its disposal a large number of tools designed to relieve inflammation and soften overdried epithelium.

The most effective recipes for suppressing symptoms on the body are as follows:

wheatgrass root for psoriasis
  1. To create wheatgrass baths, a liter jar is taken, into which a finely chopped root of a plant is poured so that the container is exactly half full. The contents of the jar are poured into a spacious saucepan and filled with 3 liters of water. After that, the container is put on fire and brought to a boil, covered with a lid and moved to a warm place for infusion. After 4-5 hours, the saucepan is put back on the stove and brought to a boil. The finished broth is cooled to room temperature, after which it is thoroughly filtered with gauze. The purified liquid is poured into a bath of warm water, into which a person is placed. In this case, papular plaques should be completely under water, and the total procedure time is 15-25 minutes.
  2. solution of copper sulfate from psoriasis
  3. Take 1-1. 5 liters of boiled water, into which 0. 5 cups of copper sulfate and 1 tbsp. l. potassium permanganate. All components are thoroughly mixed until completely dissolved. Areas of lesions are treated with a small cotton or gauze swab, previously moistened with the resulting composition. It is necessary to wipe the manifestations of psoriasis in such a way that the active substances penetrate into all corners of the rash. It is necessary to wash them off with exceptionally warm water without using soap or other cosmetics. The general course of therapy is 8-10 days, and it can be carried out no more than 2-3 times a week.
  4. You can get rid of the manifestations of the disease with the help of a homemade lotion, which is based on 2 eggs and 1 tbsp. l. any vegetable oil. Eggs are beaten with a mixer until they are foamy, and then 1 tsp is added to them. vinegar and oil. All components are thoroughly mixed, and the elements of the rash are lubricated with the ready-made lotion. At the same time, it is best to carry out the procedure before bedtime, and you need to store the finished product in the refrigerator.
  5. walnut shells for psoriasis
  6. Lotions from walnut shells are used to eliminate discomfort in moments of exacerbation. For its manufacture, 0. 5 kg of shells are taken, which is carefully crushed and poured with boiling water. In this form, the solution is infused for 4-6 hours, and then filtered through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is moistened with a gauze swab, which is fixed on the affected area of the skin. This method is quite effective, but only if the area of the rash does not reach a huge size.

All these techniques are the most effective in relation to the manifestations of psoriasis.

Moreover, their effectiveness for each specific case may differ, due to the individual characteristics of the human body and the factors that provoked the development of symptoms of the disease.

Traditional methods for psoriasis: head treatment and its features

The manifestation of signs of psoriasis on the head or in the area of other scalp significantly complicates the treatment, making it impossible to use most techniques. Based on this, the use of folk remedies for the treatment of manifestations of the disease is more than ever justified.

celandine herbs for psoriasis

The top most effective recipes are as follows:

  • Take 300 grams of fresh celandine, which is crushed and passed through a meat grinder. The resulting gruel is thoroughly squeezed out with gauze, and 30-40 ml of red wine is added to the juice extracted from it. The resulting solution moistens the inflamed areas on the head so that the liquid covers not only the skin, but also the hair. A rubber cap or plastic bag is put on the head. The head should remain in this position for at least 15-20 minutes, and at the end of the procedure, it should be thoroughly rinsed with water.
  • Two sunflower heads are thoroughly washed and crushed, after which the resulting mass is poured with white wine in an amount of 50-70 ml. In this state, the agent is infused for 48-72 hours. After this time, the liquid is squeezed out, and used to create compresses.
  • Rosehip will help get rid of the manifestations of psoriasis on the head. The stems of the plant are taken, dried thoroughly and burned. The resulting ash is mixed with petroleum jelly and diluted with a small amount of juice from the berries. Use a similar mixture as a cream to apply to the head. At the same time, due to the high fat content, after the end of the procedure, the hair is washed off with tar soap.
  • oil for psoriasis on the head
  • Almost any vegetable oil can be used to prepare an oil compress. Before use, the product is warmed up to room temperature and rubbed into the scalp, after which a rubber cap or plastic bag is put on it. The procedure should be carried out at night, and in the morning you should thoroughly wash your hair with tar soap.
  • Take 1 tbsp. l. elderberry flowers, put into a jar and pour 500 ml of boiling water. The container is closed with a lid and infused in a dark place for 24-48 hours. The resulting infusion is used internally in 100 ml after meals.

The above techniques are the most effective for the manifestations of psoriasis on the head. Moreover, their use will make it possible not only to improve the condition of the skin, but also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

Products for hands, elbows and feet and their characteristics

The most problematic areas of the skin are rightfully considered to be the hands, elbows and knees. It is they who bear the greatest load, since they not only have the greatest mobility, but are also constantly subjected to mechanical stress of various kinds. Therefore, the formation of papular plaques on such parts of the body is the most problematic.

Recipes for folk remedies that allow you to fight the signs of the disease are as follows:

horsetail for psoriasis
  1. Take 4 tsp. dried horsetail, which is well crushed, folded into a saucepan and poured with 500 ml of water. The container is moved to the stove and brought to a boil, and then infused for 3-4 hours. The resulting liquid is filtered through cheesecloth and used to wash the affected areas of the body. At the same time, it is not recommended to wipe off after the procedure, since the liquid must dry itself, and it must be carried out daily.
  2. To create the next lotion, take 20 grams. ash obtained from oak branches and rose hips, to which is added 100 gr. grease. All components are thoroughly mixed, and protein from 1 egg is added to them. In the future, the mixture is infused at room temperature for at least 15 days. The resulting lotion lubricates the sites of inflammation 3 times a day, and the general course of treatment is at least 10-12 days.
  3. egg white for psoriasis
  4. The egg white is poured into a saucepan. 2-3 tbsp is added to it. l. honey, 1/3 tube of moisturizer, 1 tsp. garlic and a few rose hips. All ingredients are mixed in a blender until smooth. 50 gr is added to the finished mixture. grease and all components are mixed again. As a result of such manipulations, the consistency of the cream will resemble sour cream. It should be applied directly to the affected area on a daily basis for 1-2 months.

Such means make it possible to influence the manifestations of the problem directly at the place of its formation. In this case, the use of each of them must be previously agreed with the doctor, who will determine the feasibility of their introduction into therapy and compatibility with the main methods of treatment.


The use of folk methods for psoriasis makes it possible not only to increase the effectiveness of the main treatment, but also to stimulate the work of the whole organism as a whole. At the same time, for the treatment of specific areas of the skin, there are specific means, the action of which is aimed at suppressing the inflammatory process and accelerating tissue repair. Their use can speed up recovery, but only if they are performed as directed by a dermatologist.