How to effectively treat psoriasis

In dermatological practice, psoriasis occupies one of the first places in terms of the number of patients and the complexity of therapeutic treatment. Despite the fact that modern medicine has unique technologies for examining and treating a wide variety of diseases, the question of how to cure psoriasis forever remains open to this day. But there are a number of remedies that can help you achieve sustained remission.

psoriasis in the palm of your hand

Treating psoriasis is challenging but doable.

Disease manifestations

Psoriasis is considered a disease of a non-infectious nature with a recurrent and chronic type of course, the characteristic signs of which are rashes in the form of spots and the appearance of peeling on the skin. In some cases, it affects the lymph nodes, bones, joints and muscles. May cause a variety of neurological changes.

Many people care if psoriasis can be cured.

To find out, it is necessary to consider the basic concepts of this disease. Its essence lies in the fact that as a result of an altered reaction of the skin to external factors, a rapid death of the upper layer occurs.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the final causes of the disease. They are also looking for an answer to the question of how to get rid of psoriasis forever.

The main factors of the disease include:

  • predisposition at the genetic level;
  • stress and metabolic disorders;
  • immune shifts and neurological disorders;
  • problems with the endocrine system.

The beginning of the process is always sharp. Manifestations appear suddenly, in the form of a kind of outbreaks. In the disease, it is customary to distinguish three stages: progression, stationary and regression.

Initially, spots of small size and bright red color appear on the surface of the skin. They grow on the periphery, and in size can reach the diameter of an average coin. Gradually, the spots begin to completely merge, forming characteristic psoriatic plaques.

"Favorite" places are the scalp, the outer surface of the elbow and knee folds and the anterior surface of the lower leg. In one third of cases, additional symptoms occur in the form of a feeling of tightness of the skin surface and itching.

It is quite simple to distinguish disease rashes. First, peculiar grayish scales with a white tint appear, easily removed by scraping, after which a smooth pink surface with punctate bleeding opens. Only a doctor can help cure psoriasis.

organs of the endocrine system and psoriasis

The endocrine system is often responsible for the onset of psoriasis.

Therapeutic methods

When asked whether psoriasis is being treated, one can immediately answer that it is impossible to cure it today, not only at home, but also in a hospital. The main goal of the ongoing therapeutic measures is to control the course of the disease. The complex uses medications taken internally and local treatments.

The main means of treatment are ointments or creams. They can be hormone-based or hormone-free. It is possible to find out exactly whether psoriasis can be cured by them only after consulting a specialist. In severe cases, psoriasis can be treated with hormonal agents. This contributes to an early improvement in general condition, but only for a short time.

Long-term use is not recommended, since not only addiction is possible, but there are risks of side effects or serious disturbances from the heart, kidney or liver system. Psoriatic arthritis is common.

Non-hormonal drugs have a less pronounced effect and consequences, and a positive result persists for quite a long time. Therefore, the thought of how to quickly cure psoriasis is gradually forgotten.

Non-hormonal ointments can be subdivided according to the active ingredient in their composition. They can contain:

  1. Zinc.
  2. Salicylic acid.
  3. Tar.
  4. Vitamin D.
  5. Oil.
  6. Vitamin complex.
  7. Solid oil.

To obtain the maximum effect from the treatment carried out at home, it is imperative to combine the use of ointments with tablet preparations. During an exacerbation, psoriasis is well treated with antihistamine medications.

Pain can be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For digestive problems, enzymes will help, and hepatoprotective agents are most often prescribed to help the liver.

In case of joining an infectious process, it is necessary to use antibiotics from a number of macrolides, penicillins or cephalosporins, but only as prescribed by a doctor.

In some cases

For individual cases, there are also several home treatment options for psoriasis to choose from. In case of damage to the pathological process of the skin under the hair on the head, folk remedies or ointments with shampoos are excellently saved. The basic rule is not to treat the hair, but the skin underneath. Damage and scratching of the affected areas should also be avoided.

The regularity of applying the product should be strictly observed so that the question of how to defeat psoriasis on the head disappears. When using shampoo, apply it to the skin under the hair, beat into a lather and leave for ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

For psoriasis on the head, medicated shampoos will help. You can use anthralin ointments. From traditional medicine, various oils help well: peanut, olive, rosemary. For greater effect, they need to be applied under the cap at night, and then the softened crusts should be removed. And the question of whether it is possible to get rid of unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

White clay or red, nettle water, and juice from onions or golden mustache leaves are also beneficial. Rubbing sea salt into the scalp for five minutes before washing it directly also works well. For a real effect, the salt can be soaked in any essential oil. The symptoms will go away, but the disease itself cannot be cured.

When the disease affects the nail plates, you should carefully cut the nails short, after steaming them. The skin underneath should be cleaned very carefully. Doctors recommend using colorless varnish, taking vitamins and special ointments.

Baths of warm water with oatmeal, celandine, cornstarch or nettle will help treat the disease at home. And sea buckthorn oil and vitamin A in liquid form will consolidate the positive result of therapy.

rosemary oil for psoriasis

Rosemary oil can be rubbed into the scalp overnight.

Ultraviolet power

It has been proven that in some cases psoriasis is afraid of ultraviolet radiation. But here everything is strictly individual, since in some cases there is a risk of exacerbation of the disease. Also, do not combine tanning beds and medicines with tar.

Adherence to a competent diet will also help in the treatment of psoriasis. You should not eat chocolate in any form, coffee, spicy foods, citrus fruits, foods with preservatives, alcohol and soda. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of meat, sugar and eggs, as well as quit smoking.

You need to carefully monitor your condition in order to prolong the final result. Then some of the food prohibitions can be relaxed. But when using any prohibited product, it should be introduced into the diet gradually, carefully observing the response of your body.

citrus fruits for psoriasis

Citrus fruits can exacerbate psoriasis.

Basic principles

Much depends on how the therapy proceeds. For a full-fledged fight against the disease, one should adhere to certain principles and rules that will make it possible to maximize the use of active substances in the composition of medicinal preparations at home.

These include:

  • cure requires compliance with the doctor's prescriptions and following the instructions for drugs that must be used regularly;
  • a severe form of the disease requires hormone therapy, in other cases, you can use less serious means;
  • keep the skin constantly hydrated;
  • after softening the crusts on the skin surface, do not be afraid to remove those of them that do not fit very tightly, which will contribute to better absorption of medicinal products;
  • adhere to the schedule of prescribed sunbathing and ultraviolet therapy procedures;
  • you should not "layering" several drugs at once in order to find out whether psoriasis can be cured with them, as this will make it difficult to identify the most effective of them;
  • it is necessary to take breaks between courses for at least a month and no more than six months;
  • in case of a disease in childhood - to undergo research and try to identify the main causes of the disease, then, if possible, eliminate them;
  • constantly keep in touch with the doctor and be interested in the emergence of new information on how to completely remove psoriasis.

Compliance with all of the above rules will fully contribute to a stable remission of the disease, especially if you fight it together with a competent specialist. And then the thought of how you can cure psoriasis will disappear for a long time.

sunbathing with psoriasis

Sunbathing will only be beneficial in dosages prescribed by your doctor.

In recent years, Chinese medicine has been gaining popularity. Ointments and capsules provided by distributors that promise a cure for psoriasis, after laboratory tests, turned out to be hormone-based remedies. Therefore, you should not trust empty promises and expose yourself to the danger of overdose or serious complications after taking such "Chinese trick".

In deciding how and with what to cure the disease, a change of place of residence often helps. It is necessary to give preference to those places where there is a maritime climate and clean air.

Sometimes you have to fly there by plane. If this method of movement causes fear, then an annual visit to the sanatorium will help.

Sports activities and an active life position will allow you to consolidate the final result. Sometimes dietary supplements, immunomodulators, homeopathy, apitherapy, yoga, acupuncture and breathing exercises help to cure. In some cases, it will seem that they will effectively cure psoriasis, and in others, an exacerbation will appear. It all depends on the individual.

Psoriasis is a serious disease, but not a death sentence. It interferes with a fulfilling life, causes severe discomfort and often leads to depression. It is impossible to completely cure the disease, but one should not despair. Regardless of whether the disease is treated or not, it is quite possible to achieve lasting remission. You just need to tune in to a positive result and fight in tandem with your doctor. And then psoriasis will not only give in to therapy, but will recede for many years.