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  • Psoriasis on the hands is a frequent localization of pathology. What are the causes of the development and clinical manifestations of the disease? What are the most effective treatments? Answers to these and other questions can be found after reading the article.
    31 August 2021
  • Psoriasis: causes, what is psoriasis: theory of the origin of the disease, immune theory, genetic theory, endocrine theory, neurogenic theory, exchange theory, viral theory, what factors can provoke psoriasis, how dangerous is psoriasis.
    26 December 2020
  • Causes and predisposing factors, symptoms of psoriasis on the head. Types and forms, stages of development of the disease. Options for therapy with medicines and folk remedies, therapeutic diet, features of hair care.
    25 December 2020
  • The causes of psoriasis in adults and children, the main manifestations of the disease at different stages of development. Instrumental diagnosis of the disease. Methods of treating the disease in a specialized institution and at home.
    24 December 2020